Agreement Between Two Shareholders

9.1.3 If neither party makes an offer, one of the parties may request the liquidation of the business. In the event of a disagreement between the liquidator and the liquidator is appointed by the legal auditor of the company`s accounts. Restrictions. If a shareholder wishes to withdraw, the agreement may prevent them from competing or sharing secrets with a competitor. If two equal shareholders in a company have a major dispute over the direction of the company, a deadlock clause could be helpful. It can be a way to go through a mediation process to try to solve the problem. Otherwise, the Deadlock clause may provide for one party to buy the other or the business to be liquidated. PandaTip: This model of shareholder agreements defines the conditions for shareholder interaction and what happens when one or more of them want to leave the company or something happens that forces the exit of a shareholder or the closure of the company. Note: There are a whole series of details to insert into the text and many of them are marked with brackets [] While all formulations should be checked, the text is optional/variable between brackets and brackets must be removed before the chord is concluded. Article 10 lists issues requiring the agreement of both shareholders and the clause is drafted to include not only decisions taken at general meetings, but also the decisions of shareholders or their directors. If each shareholder has 50% of the shares and they are the only two directors, agreement of the two is necessary before a decision can be made, unless the chairman has voted. The exact list of points in this clause is obviously a matter of approval.

In its current version, the list contains some of the most important financial commitments a company could make. Shareholder agreements are different from the company`s statutes. If the statutes are mandatory and the management of the company`s activity, a shareholders` pact is optional. This document is often developed by and for shareholders and sets out certain rights and obligations. It can be very useful if a company has a small number of active shareholders. 28. If more than two shareholders participate in this agreement, the initiating shareholder may submit an offer of initiative to one of the other shareholders, and the “shot gun-commission” procedure applies as if there were only two shareholders. The initiative shareholder may also make an offer to the other shareholders as a group, and the other shareholders will agree among themselves on the purchase of the solicitation units or, as a group, will sell all their shares to the main shareholder, and the procedure of this commission shot gun will apply.