Airbnb Owner Rental Agreement

Airbnb can charge hosts and guests a fee (and tax) for using the Airbnb platform. For more information on service charges and how they are charged, visit our service charges page. Unless otherwise stated on the Airbnb platform, service charges are not refundable. Airbnb reserves the right to change service charges at any time and will notify members of any royalty changes before it takes effect. The royalty changes do not affect bookings made prior to the effective date of the royalty change. If you do not agree to a rate change, you can terminate the contract at any time in accordance with Section 13.2. Establishing leases in advance – If you are reluctant to have other residents of your home, you can indicate in the rental agreement how much they can have at the same time, or that no other person, except those originally mentioned in the agreement, can be in the house. If you want to keep your pet free or even non-smoking, you can specify this in the document to find that all parties are on the same page. The contract also sets the registration and check-out dates as well as the agreed rental amount. An Airbnb rental contract reduces the risk of you renting your property to unsenterious customers.

It also gives you greater legal protection in case an Airbnb customer books your property under false pretenses. You should first consider an Airbnb rental agreement if there are specific provisions that are not easy to address on the Airbnb platform, such as the rules. B of the homeowner association (HOA). If you rent an apartment, whether it`s a “grandmother unit” in a room behind the owner`s house or on the 17th floor of a Heights Cathedral tower, you`re contracting with your landlord. This agreement spells what each party receives (you – a place to live, it – your money), what each party can not do (you – re-edition of the apartment, it – come to you place without notice). It also specifies in most cases that you cannot sublet your apartment for a month or a single night. If your rental property includes parking, make sure you indicate where Airbnb customers can park, the duration and number of vehicles allowed.