Anu Ea Agreement

A copy of the multiple agreements is now available live and on the Enterprise Agreement website: The university will hold a series of staff-wide briefings to ensure that employees are informed of key changes to the agreement. If you would like more information about the agreement, please register for one of these sessions on the ANU Enterprise Bargaining website: For more information on the process of amending the enterprise agreement, click here: 56.2. By appointment, the university and the agent, and if the officer elects his union or his representative, may amend the redundancy provisions under this clause. Since this proposed change in the proposed salary increase is an amendment to the enterprise contract, the majority of staff must be agreed to. 56.4. The university may find that a position performed by an agent is no longer required for economic, structural or similar reasons, including the effective date (first full pay period at or after) 56.9. The redeployment of an agent caused by the transfer of the accumulated duty of law to a host area is not impeded. The officer retains continuity of service and leave rights. The agreement provides public servants with a number of improved employment conditions and expands the university more flexibly in some key areas. In particular, this agreement provides increased leave rights and leave management options, expanded job classes, streamlined severance agreements and a series of fair and sustainable wage increases over the life of the agreement.

23.1. Wages (including overtime and, if applicable, special expenses) are paid on 14.11. When an officer agrees to be retrained in a position with a lower classification, the maintenance of remuneration can be paid up to 26 weeks for specialized staff and up to 12 months for academic staff at the pre-transfer rate. 23.7. An A-level officer receives a salary at least equal to the A4 rate, where a doctoral qualification applies at the time of appointment or appointment. Enterprise Agreement 2017-2021 (certification date: July 6, 2020) (PDF, 1.4MB) But even after all this, we need to make additional savings of $100 million this year, and we need to be able to work with at least $150 million less next year, so we must continue to save. During the access period, three briefings were held, during which staff were able to ask questions about the proposed amendment. Links to recordings of briefings organized by Dr. Nadine White, Director of Human Resources, are available at 23.3. The salary increases mentioned in the table below apply to all higher education staff covered by this agreement: while the university began in 2020 in a strong financial situation, the COVID 19 pandemic, in particular, has hit our income hard.

We now know that this year we will be earning about $150 million less than we expected, and we are going to spend about $75 million more than we expected because of the crises we have had this year.