Check List Distribution Agreement

The revision is the most important element of a distribution agreement. All agreements between the supplier and the distributor should be documented and validated by both parties with official signatures. Thus, all clauses in the distribution contract protecting both parties from infringements are imposed by law. The next sections of the checklist focus on product and advertising expectations. First, decide whether the distributor has the right to market a competitor`s products. Identify the conditions under which the distributor may use the supplier`s trademark or other intellectual property in sales promotions. Go ahead with price issues such as wholesale prices, mark-ups and how the supplier or distributor sets retail prices. In addition, you issue product warranties and returns, which is especially important when the distributor has to receive or sell damaged or poor quality products. Finally, discuss the allocation of advertising costs and decide whether the supplier is responsible for organizing or participating in promotional events that the distributor sponsors or owns. To make it easier for you to access, we`ve created distribution agreement templates that you can download for free and tailor them to your business needs. Traditionally, distribution agreements are developed and shared on paper.

Registration takes up a lot of space and documents are vulnerable to damage and loss. The loss of a distribution agreement may result in unsuscurd claims in the event of a charge or complaint. Downloading iAuditor by SafetyCulture, a mobile recording app, can help avoid these problems. With iAuditor, you can: This checklist for the distribution center access agreement has been converted with iAuditor by SafetyCulture from the American Apparel Distribution Center. This was created to document the receipt of the employee who receives any of the following points: key, access card or fob, alarm code, locker and combined padlock. 10. Rights and obligations in case of termination. Will there be materials and/or warehouses to be returned or purchased by the Ministry of the Interior? Should there be a competition agreement? 11. Miscellaneous.

Final issues such as the choice of law, dispute resolution, lack of surrender, etc., must be considered and added.