Compact Agreement Meaning In Hindi

compact (adj) – briefly give the gist of something compact (adj) – with a short and solid shape origin of compact late compact Middle English: from the compact Latin – “closely related”, from the verb compingere, from com-`together` to `fasting`. N. an agreement between the parties; a contract or a contract. compact (Noun) – a small envelope of cosmetics with mirrors; in a woman`s handbag wear compactly (verb) – make it more compact through or pressing synonyms: compact, heavy, robust, thick, thick Synonyms: compress, tighten, tighten, compact, condense, press compact (verb) – have ownership, pack or easily compact (Noun) – a written agreement signed between two or more parties (nations) to carry an action [adjective kuh-pkt) , kom-pact; Verb kuh m-pakt; noun kom-pakt] transitive v. to unite or connect securely, as in a system. Closely or solidly united, such as solid body particles; firmly; Close solids; It`s a little dense. transitive v. To push, drive or tighten tightly; Adhering firmly Consolidate; Close — like the parts that make up a body. ..