Sky Subscription Agreement

We will send you confirmation of your collection contract separately. For sky mobile, broadband, talk and/or line rental: Early termination fees only apply if your subscription expires before your minimum term expires, for reasons other than those you allow in your contract. Please read your contract for more details. Your Sky Mobile contract is available on (connect to your Sky iD). To see in Ultra HD or HDR, you need a Sky HD and Sky UHD subscription, a Sky Q UHD compatible box, and a UHD compatible and a compatible HDR TV (if any). To see in HDR, your UHD-Set-Top case must also be HDR-compatible. You cannot view ultra HD or HDR content via a Sky Q mini-box or the Sky Go app. You need an Ultra HD TV that supports 2160p at 50 frames per second (fps) and HDCP 2.2 at least one of the HDMI inputs. All ultra HD content available via Sky is protected by HDCP 2.2. For HDR, your TV needs to support the HDR log-gamma hybrid (HLG).

This page contains important information (below) as well as links to some important information about our subscriptions and services to new customers in the UK, including terms and conditions for the services we receive. Please select the corresponding link from the left list to access the corresponding document or website. Your monthly sky essentials subscription does not change in the first 3 years. This excludes additional charges, such as non-inclusive calls and call rates. If you`re a Sky Mobile customer, you may be able to reduce your early termination fees by changing your plan and removing optional extras before cancelling. If you have a credit contract for your phone and you no longer have active SIMs, we may ask you to repay all remaining loans if you cancel. If you already have BT Sport from another provider, you should cancel your subscription with them as soon as possible to avoid paying twice for these channels. When you ordered, you agreed on an activation date for your BT Sport with us. The Netflix Premium plan lets you watch Netflix on 4 screens at the same time and access Netflix Ultra HD. To get it via Sky, you need a Sky HD subscription and a SKY UHD. Please note that to watch In Ultra HD on Sky Q, you need a Sky Q UHD compatible box and a UHD-enabled TV.

You can`t view Ultra HD content in a Sky Q mini-box. You`ll need a Sky Signature subscription, a Sky Q-Box, and an active broadband service for Netflix or Disney – Monthly fees, net of deductions, provide a monthly early termination fee (CTE) that is shown in the “Early Termination Charges” (PDF) table above.