Register Rent Reduction Agreement With Consumer Affairs Victoria

We are working with you and the owner to reach an agreement. We will use the information you provide to find a fair result for all. Agree to the rent reduction instead of a tenant who defers payment of the current amount to a later date. If the rent is deferred, tenants may, at the end of the contract, be in debt that they cannot repay. We have a step-by-step guide and template letters on how to apply for a rent reduction from the landlord or real estate agent. If they refuse to reduce the rent, you can now access a dispute resolution system to try to reach an agreement. The “Dear Justice Connect Renter” tool can help you if you`re having trouble paying the covid-19 rent. Answer a few questions and Dear Landlord will help you find the best way to do it, whether it`s developing a rent reduction letter to your landlord, contacting Victoria`s consumer affairs to negotiate a rent reduction, mediation advice, attending VCAT or terminating a lease. Continuing the extension will give tenants the certainty that even if they have difficulty paying their rent due to the coronavirus pandemic, they will not lose their roof.

It will also be able to ensure that information on the government`s dispute resolution system for residential rents is reached by people from different cultural and linguistic communities, as well as direct customer support. The mediation will be a conference call. You can talk to the Ombudsman and the owner and ask questions. If necessary, you can also speak privately with the Ombudsman. The conference can be put on hold to give you time to review offers before deciding whether to accept or refuse. If your co-op needs to hold a meeting (subject to the rules), you should take an alternative approach to ensure that you are complying with the corresponding restrictions. Consumers and businesses must meet the requirement to wear a suitable face mask. Tenant Victoria has the example of a rent reduction letter to use as a guide, or Justice Connect Loves the landlord tool can help generate a letter based on a tenant`s circumstances. If you need help starting your rent reduction letter, simply fill out the details of the letter below for the landlord to sign. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself before sending it to the owner or agent.

So everyone is clear about what was decided to register your rent reduction and online lease at Consumer Affairs Victoria. Consumer Affairs Victoria can refer you to the Victoria Settlement Centre for Mediation. This means that an accredited independent person (called mediator) will speak to you and your landlord. They will help you find out what you don`t agree with, consider different options and try to reach an agreement. If you and the owner reach an agreement, the Ombudsman will file it in writing during mediation and give you a copy, as well as the owner. No no. Your landlord cannot register in a rental database (blacklist) if you cannot pay your rent because of the coronavirus COVID-19. Important: You don`t have to accept that your rent is delayed/deferred instead of being reduced if it doesn`t match your financial situation. It is important that you do not end up with a rent debt that you may not be able to repay. Housing tenants and landlords competing for rent reductions have access to the CAV`s dispute resolution service, which has provided more than 93,000 litigation advisory and resolution services since its launch in April.